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It’s late in the afternoon, not quite dusk. I’m driving a Dodge pickup truck along a residential street I’ve driven over for 15 years. Up ahead is a stop light. I’ll make a left there, drive another block, make a right and turn into my driveway. READ MORE >>

When Jonathan G. Stein became unhappy with his long-time car insurance carrier earlier this year, the 41-year-old lawyer from Elk Grove, California switched to a new company. How was he rewarded for his disloyalty after nine years? With savings of about $300 a year and a boost in his under-insured motorist coverage. READ MORE >>

Call it a close encounter of the third gear. For the past six years, tech companies — led by Google — have been testing out self-driving cars. As the robotic prototypes have moved from private tracks to public roads, the projects have raised hopes of safer transportation. READ MORE >>

Like other myths and fairy-tales meant to conceal and excite, California’s school children are taught to believe that there are three branches of government. In fact, there clearly are four. Though a putative part of the executive branch, agencies are the constituent parts in an admin... READ MORE >>

A New Blog Post Presents the Most Stolen Cars In California READ MORE >>

Business Autos The 10 worst ZIP Codes if you're buying car insurance 2014 Honda Accord EX-L V-6 Sedan Honda determined that a neighborhood in Detroit had the highest car insurance rates in the country, by using statistics for insuring a 2014 Honda Accord. READ MORE >>

STANTON, Calif. (AP) - Mexican immigrant Jesus Moreno emerged smiling from a California Department of Motor Vehicles office on Friday with official permission to do something he's been doing here for more than a decade: driving. READ MORE >>

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- People who are in California illegally are now able to get driver's licenses as part of a new law that went into effect on New Year's Day. Dozens of undocumented immigrants lined up in frigid temperatures at a DMV office in Granada Hills early Friday morning to take advantage of the new law. READ MORE >>

laudia Bedolla never leaves home without making a calculation: Is this trip worth the risk? Bedolla has a car but no driver's license. She hasn't been eligible for one in California, having never obtained legal immigration status since arriving from Mexico at age 10. READ MORE >>

Licenses for migrant drivers means more will be insured — in theory Antonio Aguirre Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times Antonio Aguirre waits in line at the Santa Ana DMV office as the state begins accepting applications for driver's licenses for people in the country illegally. READ MORE >>

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