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A safe home is essential for protecting your family, but safety stems from more than just alarms and cameras. Security products are an important piece of the safety puzzle, but the glue that holds the puzzle together is practicing safety protocols. READ MORE >>

Staying safe while you drive a motorcycle is not the same as trying to stay safe while driving a car, truck or other enclosed automobile. There are a whole new set of rules and risks that need to be considered when you practice motorcycle safety. 1. READ MORE >>

Licensing Requirements for Motorcycles If you want to ride your motorcycle as a licensed motorcycle driver, then you’ll need to take some extra steps to get the appropriate class of license. READ MORE >>

It's not uncommon for the college years to be an individual's first introduction to budgeting and bill payment. Whether you pay for college through student loans, scholarships, grants, parental contributions, savings or a combination of methods, it simply isn't easy to balance a restricted income with the sometimes overwhelming expenses of college life. READ MORE >>

Responsible auto insurance policy owners must understand the truth on auto insurance. This article will dispel nine common myths about auto insurance and how to protect yourself from these myths. 1. If my car is totaled, my loan will be paid by my insurance. READ MORE >>

We all hope we will never have to actually use the benefits our auto insurance policy offers. For some of us, however, there will come a time where an auto insurance claim will have to be placed. To remain effectual during this overwhelming time, here is a guide on how to file your necessary claims. READ MORE >>

When you don’t own a vehicle but have a license, your best option is non-owners auto insurance. It provides protection for an individual who drives other’s vehicles.  In most cases, the non-owners’ policy coverage only includes property damage liability, bodily injury liability, uninsured motorist, and medical payments. READ MORE >>

While most people are aware that they are high-risk drivers, very few understand what makes them earn this title. Insurance providers often grade drivers centered on the likelihood of being involved in an auto accident for which the firm will be expected to make payments. READ MORE >>

There’s no feeling quite like buying a new car. It’s tons of fun to drive your new set of wheels around and show it off to friends. But if an accident occurs before you finish paying off your loan, you could find yourself stuck between a rock and hard place. READ MORE >>

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